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  Visual Basic    (Strings de Conexões)

Título da Dica:  SyBase (OLE DB)
Postada em 26/3/2004 por ~Ð@®£@Ñ            
Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA):
"Provider=ASAProv;Data source=myASA"
Read more in the ASA User Guide >>

Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) with Data Source .IDS file:
"Provider=Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider; Data source=myASE"
Note that you must create a Data Source .IDS file using the Sybase Data Administrator. These .IDS files resemble ODBC DSNs.

Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE):
"Provider=Sybase.ASEOLEDBProvider;Srvr=myASEserver,5000;Catalog=myDBname;User Id=username;Password=password"
- some reports on problem using the above one, try the following as an alternative -

"Provider=Sybase.ASEOLEDBProvider;Server Name=myASEserver,5000;Initial Catalog=myDBname;User Id=username;Password=password"

This one works only from Open Client 12.5 where the server port number feature works, allowing fully qualified connection strings to be used without defining any .IDS Data Source files.

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