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  Visual Basic    (ActiveX/Controles/DLL)

Título da Dica:  100 Knowledges Retirados do site da Microsoft
Postada em 10/6/2005 por Josefh Hennyere         
Estes artigos foram tirados do site da Microsoft, observe que para cada artigo segue o link do site.
Q216231 - PRB: VB6 App Setup Errors While Copying Files
Q216205 - PRB: Error 481: Invalid Picture When Viewing BMP Created Using K
Q216185 - HOWTO: Create Multi-Column Menus in Visual Basic Using the WIN32
Q216175 - BUG: CTRL-C Does Not Copy From Locked Textbox
Q215339 - INFO: Security Patch Available for Forms 2.0 ActiveX Control
Q214674 - PRB: Cannot Simultaneously Write to Disk File and Have It Opened
Q208699 - PRB: Error "$(DllSelfRegisterEx) Could Not Be Registered"
Q202145 - PRB: Source Control Tool Shows Font Property Deleted on Check-in
Q201502 - PRB: Duplicate Control Boxes in MDIForm When Using Status Bar
Q200454 - BUG: Visual Basic Does Not Receive Some OSP Notifications
Q199824 - HOWTO: Get the Address of Variables in Visual Basic
Q199809 - INFO: How VB Interprets Numbers, Constants and Numeric Types
Q199707 - PRB: Some VB 5.0 Programs Do Not Run on Multiprocessor PCs
Q199244 - HOWTO: Retrieve the Regional Settings Currency Symbol
Q199128 - PRB: Error 40041 When Calling RDO Parameters Through User Connec
Q198880 - BUG: Cannot Simultaneously Set DTPicker's MinDate And MaxDate
Q198858 - BUG: Cannot Do Inserts to Oracle Tables With Mixed Case Column N
Q198607 - PRB: Access Violation in VB Run-Time Using AddressOf
Q198605 - BUG: Find Next Crashes After Closing a Maximized Code Window
Q198600 - INFO: Differences Between DCOM95 and DCOM98
Q198422 - PRB: Unable to Display MFC Automation Objects in Watch Window
Q198379 - BUG: Decimal Points Truncated Using RDO Client Batch Cursors
Q198378 - HOWTO: Use the VB DataEnvironment In Your MTS Components
Q198300 - PRB: Invalid Use of NULL Assigning Text Fields Value
Q198252 - PRB: Installation Error with Setup Wizard in Visual Basic 5.0
Q198144 - INFO: Convert (row,col) Indices into Excel-Style A1:C1 Strings
Q198128 - PRB: Accessing WINMODEM with MSComm Control Can Hang Application
Q198098 - PRB: CSng/CDbl Not Using Regional Settings for Decimal Symbol
Q198090 - BUG: Setting Text/Caption Property Leaks Memory on Windows CE
Q198075 - PRB: Installing VB App Causes Error Determining Free Disk Space
Q198062 - BUG: Mouse Cursor Disappears After Typing in VB IDE
Q198052 - PRB: "Out-of-Date Dependency" Warning in Setup Wizard and PDW
Q198038 - INFO: Useful Tools for Package and Deployment Issues
Q197988 - HOWTO: Deploy an ActiveX Control Written in Visual Basic
Q197916 - SAMPLE: AdoGUIDz.exe How to Use GUIDs w/ Access,SQL 6.5 & SQL 7
Q197915 - PRB: Report Width is Larger than the Paper Width
Q197914 - SAMPLE: RDOblobs.exe RDO and BLOB/TEXT Data w/ SQL SP
Q197883 - PRB: Run-time Error '40002' When Querying on s_GUID field in RDO
Q197585 - HOWTO: Cover the Taskbar with a Window in Visual Basic
Q197582 - BUG: FlexGrid SelChange Occurs for Every Selected Row or Column
Q197580 - INFO: Distribution Issues with Riched32.dll
Q197569 - BUG: CRITICAL_SECTION is Defined Incorrectly in API Text Viewer
Q197504 - PRB: KeyPress Problem When Using MFC Control on MDI Child Form
Q197503 - PRB: Focus Problem Using MFC Control on MDI Child Form
Q197487 - BUG: MSChart EditCopy Sends Incorrect Legends To Clipboard
Q197486 - PRB: Open Fails w/ Error #75 on Windows95 Read-Only Shared File
Q197431 - PRB: Year Returned by DateSerial may be Unanticipated
Q197428 - BUG: DataRepeater Control does not Update Records
Q197362 - BUG: FormatString Ignored for Fixed Columns in MSHFlexGrid
Q197321 - PRB: "Invalid File Format" from ImgEdt Reading Sony Mavica JPG
Q197305 - BUG: Error with Std EXE Converted from ActiveX Control Project
Q197296 - BUG: Error 424 Adding Data Object Wizard-Created Ctrl to Form
Q197257 - PRB: Problems Using Subclassed TreeView MFC Control in VB
Q197190 - BUG: Memory Leak Using UBound or LBound When Returning Array
Q197129 - INFO: Wang Image Control Limited to 18k Pixels in Ea. Dimension
Q197128 - BUG: CausesValidation Property Does Not Trigger Validate Event
Q197127 - HOWTO: Add a Custom Font Property to a User Control
Q197126 - BUG: IPF Referencing Default Property of Nonexistent Image Ctrl
Q197123 - PRB: Out-Of-Date Dependency Information for MSCal.ocx
Q197117 - INFO: Troubleshooting Application Wizard Error Messages
Q197116 - BUG: Label Width Changes with WordWrap and AutoSize Set to True
Q196976 - INFO: Updated VB4dll.txt for Visual Basic 4.0
Q196959 - PRB:'Unspecified Error' Err Using ADO Data Marshalling w/ DCOM
Q196956 - DOC: Visual Basic Does Not Allow You to Build OLE DB Providers
Q196910 - HOWTO: Avoid Extra Threads with Depersisted Embedded Objects
Q196902 - BUG: UserControl Does Not Refresh the Menu
Q196809 - PRB: CompactDatabase Method Requires Locale to Convert 2.0 MDB
Q196775 - PRB: TreeView SelectedItem Property Does Not Return Correct Node
Q196656 - DOC: vbOLEDBProvider Value for DataSourceBehavior Doesn't Exist
Q196652 - HOWTO: Implement Custom Rounding Procedures
Q196601 - PRB: DCOMCNFG Displays One Class Name For Each ActiveX Server
Q196588 - BUG: Picture Field Dropped as Text Box on Data Report
Q196587 - BUG: Data View: New Oracle Views Incorrectly Named During Save
Q196583 - PRB: An Unknown Error Occurred While Building the Cabinet File
Q196296 - FILE: Objsrv.exe Contains Fix for "Object Server Not.." Err
Q196286 - FILE: Vb4Run.exe Run-Time .dlls for Visual Basic 4.0 Apps
Q196285 - FILE: VB3Run.exe Run-Time .dll for Visual Basic 3.0 Apps
Q196275 - PRB: Repeatedly Pressing F1 Key on VB Application May Crash Help
Q196208 - INFO: DCOM98 Release Notes
Q196201 - INFO: Visual Basic Is Not Supported on Terminal Server
Q196141 - PRB: Problems Using Intrinsic File System Controls
Q196131 - BUG: Dynamic Private UserControl Extender Events Do Not Show
Q196062 - HOWTO: Set and Get Cookies for a URL Using WinInet APIs
Q196034 - HOWTO: Use ADOFILTR.DLL to Transfer Database Tables
Q196028 - PRB: FileListBox Control May Not List File Names Properly
Q196026 - PRB: Firing Event in Second Thread Causes IPF or GPF
Q195983 - PRB: DataGrid Control Does Not Return Contents of Edited Cell
Q195982 - HOWTO: Set the Connection Prompt Behavior of DataEnvironment
Q195972 - BUG: Data Report Not Always in WindowList
Q195840 - BUG: RowColChange Event of DataGrid Does Not Fire with ADODC
Q195838 - PRB: Cut, Copy, and Paste Unavailable in Text Annotation Menu
Q195837 - PRB: Error Returned When Attempting to Modify JET Database
Q195835 - PRB: Images Are Not Exported From the Report Writer
Q195763 - HOWTO: Use GetTempFileName API to Create a Unique Temporary File
Q195755 - BUG: Parent Property Returns Invalid Object Type for UserControl
Q195657 - PRB: Type Conversion Functions Can Return Unexpected Results
Q195638 - PRB: IRowsetNotify Error with ADO Data Control and ADO Recordset
Q195631 - PRB: Effects of Operating System Version On TextBox Alignment
Q195488 - INFO: Installing Visual Modeler for Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0
Q195474 - HOWTO: Determine RDO Files Needed for Distribution of App

'Josefh Hennyere

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